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We Are Your Friends 2015

Cole Carter (Zac Efron) is a former song star and is battling a 23-year-old DJ in the electronic dance music arena (EDM), dreaming of becoming a major record producer. They constantly remind him of the ascension plan, which consists of three things: a laptop, a little talent, and a story. Cole lives with friend Mason (Jonny Weston) and usually stays with friends Ollie (Shiloh Fernandez) and Squirrel (Alex Shaffer) in the San Fernando Valley, in his country. With the help of Mason and friends who advertise a lot on campus, Cole finally book a concert for a DJ at a local nightclub where he meets DJ James Reed (Wes Bentley), a former novelist. After their concerts, Cole finally confronts James face to face, sharing a cigarette together. James calls Cole to record a party where Cole will hallucinate because his usual cigarette contained phencyclidine (PCP). In the morning, Cole wakes up at James ’house, where she introduces him to James’ friend and personal assistant Sophie (Emily Ratajkowski) who offers to take her home.

After their income from the event is unsatisfactory, they turn to their friend Paige (Jon Bernthal), who runs a real estate company where the four work. Later, James Colet invites a DJ to a paid concert at his home party. After explaining the key mechanics of Sophie DJing, James sees the potential in Cole, interrupted by his three friends who have arrived for the party. After a fight breaks out between Mason and one of James’ guests, James forgives Cole for his actions. From there, James takes Cole as a student. After listening to Cole’s original song, James Colet criticizes the imitation of other well-known producers, such as Skrillex, and publicly recommends the use of organic sounds for the original setting. They then use this technique to create a song with Sophia’s voice that is successful at a local nightclub. One evening James suggests that Cole accompany Sophie to the hostess where she can learn more about her past, causing a fight. Sophie later thanks him for his defense. Cole and his friends head to a music festival in Las Vegas, where he leaves his band to meet Sophie, whom James has left. Sophie Cole gives in to MDMA and they quickly fall against each other and run away along with the Las Vegas Strip, driving a High Roller and registering in Las Vegas, where they dance and finally have passionate sex.

Back in San Fernando, James Cole invites MMA to watch a fight with him and Sophie. The awkward moment ends when Sophie tells Cole to accept what happened and leaves him alone, and James gives Cole a new MacBook Pro and a chance to open it at the Summer Fest pop festival. One day Cole and Paige meet Tanya Romero (Alicia Coppola), whose house closes. During negotiations, Paige buys her house and rents it to him, intending to sell it quickly at a significant price, which angers Cole. When James ’alcoholism starts to affect Sophie, they go to a strip club with Cole for her birthday. Cole falls ill and James finds out about Cole’s relationship with Sophie, breaking off their relationship. Returning to the three friends, it turns out that Esquirol was looking for a better job because of his intellect and Mason hired everyone from the farm. After taking drugs and alcohol intensively, Esquirol became unconscious that morning and later died of an overdose. After the funeral, the remaining friends begin to doubt their future and finallythey go their separate ways when Mason accuses Ollie of drugs that Squirrel overdosed on. Cole visits James, whose alcoholism has completely taken him away, to inform him of Squirrel’s death, and maybe he’s guilty too. In it, James comforts him, and also tells him that Sophie has moved to the San Fernando Valley and works at a local coffee shop she later visits.

During the race, Cole discharges the phone’s battery, which prevents him from playing music. Upon closer inspection, he listens to his surroundings, which inspires him to record samples and integrate them into his long-awaited journey. Cole then calls James to have something for Summer Fest, which gives him another chance. The festival is held in front of the American Clothing Building in Los Angeles. Cole publishes his story, which contains excerpts from his conversations with Sophie and Squirrel, and later uses Squirrel’s quote “Are We Ever Better Than This?” and use it as a hook before the beat drops. When the story is over, Cole gets enthusiastic recognition from the audience and James. The film ends with Sophie returning to college, Ollie reads to listen, Mason goes to a nightclub, and Cole remains positive in his future and maintains a good relationship with Sophie.

In the average credit scene, Tanya opens the door to the Adidas box office, from which Cole has saved all income throughout the film.

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