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Freemium Music for almost everyone Spotify is a freemium broadcast program that aims to bring good music to everyone. Although the music, songs, podcasts, and bands it offers are incomplete, the variety of music and platforms that make it available almost everywhere makes Spotify the king of music (function () {(‘review-app-page -Desktop’);} ); Always access your favorite music Since its release, Spotify has slowly and confidently conquered the world of music streaming. With over 50 million songs and 217 million users, it is extremely popular for good reasons – available on many platforms (Windows, Windows 10, Mac, tablet, iPhone, Android, mobile systems, Playstation, Xbox, TV and web application), has several premium plans, as well as a free version and offers a large selection of curatorial music, as choosing from these 50 million songs becomes too difficult. How do I listen to Spotify on my computer? Listening to Spotify on your computer is easy. In Windows, you can download the Spotify EXE file or install the Microsoft Store version. The download and installation process is simple and straightforward. Once launched, you will need to log in with a password or Facebook account. Is Spotify free? Spotify is Freemium, which means the basic version with free advertising (like YouTube and YouTube Premium) – and you have to listen to music in shuffle mode. There are several premium options, including for families and students. There is also a generous three-month probationary period. What does it look like? Spotify is a great application to use, even if the interface is quite busy. This is not surprising – they need a lot of information. On the left you will find three main tabs: Home, Overview and Radio. Here you will find songs and playlists that you have recently heard, as well as prepared playlists and suggestions from Spotify. The overview allows you to do what you expect – by filtering all Spotifys settings by type (podcasts, genres, charts, new releases, concerts, etc.).Finally, the last tab is where you can listen to the radio by selecting music by type but not selected for listening – just like traditional themed radio stations. There are different versions of this option based on your musical taste and Spotify AI things for you. Spotify navigation does not end there. On the three main tabs, you’ll also find your library and playlists, as well as the ability to add new playlists. When you select audio to play, it will appear in the main part of the screen with control options (play, pause, skip, etc.) in the bottom panel. At the bottom of the panel below, you’ll also find options for transferring to another device. Right-click options provide more options, especially when you click on a song or playlist. There are many small Spotify features that are still useful, such as: B. Ability to alternate songs, release songs, and some quick shortcuts to playlists. Personalize Spotify By going to the settings under your name on the top bar, you can customize how you use Spotify. This is the part of Spotify that will undoubtedly bring the most inconvenience. Most of the changes you can make are related to how the program works, how it looks, and how you treat other Spotify users. You don’t have much control over the actual music playback, although you can make a few minor changes (and configure proxy servers) by clicking Show advanced settings. For the most part, Spotify is a place where you can hear music. If you are a person who has a lot of control over your music, then the last moment – the lack of playback settings – is likely to break the deal. However, if you are such a person, Spotify is not for you. Between playback options and until recently the absence of a specific artist in the application (although the number of missing artists has fallen sharply recently), Spotify is targetingfor casual music listeners, not for real music lovers. If you’re a fan, you may want to play your own music with a custom application like VLC or Winamp. However, if you fall into the category of casual listeners, Spotify is a must-have app that competes with Google Play Music or Apple Music on Android for ease of use and variety of music. He works flawlessly, and he manages to produce music (almost) anywhere and anytime. For many, this is the perfect music app for the modern world.

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