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The FPS program that you will love and hate, Project, is an intelligent first-person video game that acts as a secret agent in charge of obtaining information about a stolen nuclear head. Developed by Innerloop Studios and published by Eidos Interactive in 2000, this game is also known as Project: I’m Logging in and showed a secret message reminiscent of the Gear Vascular System. It produced a sequel called: Covert Strike.

The project follows the story of Agent Jones, who was tasked with capturing Josef Priboi to obtain information about the lack of a nuclear capsule. You play through the mission levels from different locations where you must complete targets to get closer to Pribois, where he is now. They will be unlocked as soon as you complete the previous mission. Accompanying Jones through the microphone is Anya, who gives him his goals by showing the locations of; (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); You start with 4 weapons: a combat knife and three different weapons. You also have a telescope and a map that contains your memories and development goals. To find more items like bombs, grenades and medical kits, you need to explore the current location, but your weapons and ammunition can easily be looted when enemies are eliminated and lost. So, it pays to be patient and get rid of all hostile NPCs to prepare; The game emphasizes theft, as there are also cameras and alarms. You can enter security buildings to disable the camera for a few minutes, but it has a hidden timer, so it is advisable to disable them when you can. Alarms can also be turned off by buttons scattered around the area, but will be heard again if the enemy receives adequate attention. Unfortunately, they often miss your presence; Prepare your passion: Poor enemy AI is one of the game’s main shortcomings. They have little eyes and sound, even if you shoot one of them with an unloaded gun, they usually don’t hear and can’t even see a corpse if they’re far enough away. The alarms also do not affect all enemies, although, in a way, this limit may be due to the lack of games of a non-invasive removal method that will do none; Another problem with the game is the complete absence of a rescue system. There are no checkpoints to carry you through the mission. Once you die, the mission fails and you are brought back to the beginning, all progress is lost and most messages are long. It doesn’t help if you can’t face enemies without making a noise, so it just makes the game more disturbing; The last problem is the lack of fitness of many players, although this is not very important in the game. However, it is still disappointing to see the sniper game use cunning devices and not give players the opportunity to come together or compete like other games of their generation. : Covert Strike received that status and the ability to save because fans wanted a score for future ridiculous games. The project was a highly anticipated game of its time, as it had a different style of play compared to other FPS games of the time. However, a serious lack of essential services and weak AI software in general to respond to the player’s actionsperformed with unsatisfactory experience. Surprisingly, however, it has still become popular and is now an insignificant piece in the childhood of shooting fans.

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