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Parasite 2019

Classic greed and discrimination threaten the newly created symbiotic relationship between the wealthy Park family and the poor Kim clan.
Bong Joon Ho Author:
Bong Joon Ho (story), Bong Joon Ho (scenario) Kims – Chung-sook and Ki-taek’s mother and father and their young adult offspring, Ki-woo’s son and Ki-jung’s daughter – are a poor family living in a basement slum and cramped in the vibrant, low-end commercial working class district of Seoul. Without even realizing it, they felt, especially Mr and Mrs Kim, really after poverty. They often resort to petty scams to survive as a team, and even when they have jobs, they do the least amount of work they need. Ki-woo is a person who dreams of getting rid of poverty one day entering university. Even though he didn’t have this university education, Ki-woo chose his schoolmate Min, who was going to school, to take over the tutor position at Park Da-hyes, whom Min wanted to meet when he returned to Seoul and at the university itself. Taman is a wealthy family who have lived for four years in a modernist house designed by the famous former architect Namgoong. Even though Mr and Mrs Park …

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