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Play Android Games on Your PC GameLoop is a free Android emulator tool that lets you play mobile games on your PC and Windows. The beta version of the app was called Tencent Gaming Buddy, but it has been redesigned and renamed to give users a completely new interface, lovely graphics, additional tools and architectural options. With its help, game lovers can find, download and play almost all available Android games directly on their computer! (Function () {(‘view-application-page-desktop’);}); What is PC GameLoop? PC GameLoop is a simulation software specifically designed to help players around the world play Android games on their Windows PCs. Created by the company Tencent, known for creating and distributing the Android version of the requested PUBG video game, there is plenty in the latest version of the free app. This means better graphics, additional tools and flexibility for other game stores, GameLoop allows users to install and play mobile games directly from the server. The software uses its services and capabilities to configure the process of switching from mobile to computer so that you can play any game you encounter at once. Additionally, when a game is updated or released, you can access it immediately without using the emulator to play all Android games. GameLoop has a large library of game usage. Once downloaded, you can use it to play game titles like Clash of Clans, Call of Duty Mobile, Candy Crush Saga and more! Once these games are copied to a Windows computer or desktop, you can start using the mouse or keyboard to control the interface and images. Compared to the older version of GameLoop, the software comes with a simple interface that looks more modern. The base screen offers users four options on the left – Sports Center, Direct, Mi Games and Login – which makes it easy for users to find any option they want. You can find other options in different categories, such as the search bar, the preferences option, and the friends list. The advantage of using GameLoop to play Android games is the image quality. At startup, the emulator gives you the option to select the screen system of your choice. This allows you to adjust various parameters, including processor power, resolution, memory, image card and DPI. If you select the Smart item, the tool will automatically detect and run the best services with images. Since GameLoop was created by the same company that created the PUBG Mobile game, emulator services are designed to provide seamless Android. computer gaming experience. The application is compatible with popular mobile games, and the Internet is optimized for games without lag. In addition, you can use the power of RAM, CPU and GPU of your computer, so playing in the emulator is better than playing in Game Center with over 5 game types – download RPGs, strategy, regular fighting game for more the first player and assassin, as well as different races. You can also discover new and popular games and download them with a single click. Installation is as simple as the software itself and does not require the installation of additional APKs or anything else to improve the overall gaming experience. By downloading GameLoop, you can control all games with a computer mouse and VASD key, and modify controls usingconfiguration option. Using the integrated game browser, you can find and play with people online and communicate with them directly from the built-in friends list. Using this option, you can play multiplayer games easily with any computer running GameLoop. Download GameLoop comes in small sizes and you can easily download it to a computer with Windows 7 and a new operating system. However, to run without a break, a computer needs free disk space, 4 GB of RAM, and an i5 or new AMD or Intel processor. After downloading, you can install several free games and play them on your computer. Unfortunately, the app is limited to Windows and not available for MacOS, new in the GameLoop update. The latest version of GameLoop comes with a variety of services that help improve network performance. It also made it easy to make friends online with popular Android games. The new version of the emulator also comes with a built-in method that allows users to watch live streams directly on Nonolive and games played on GameLoop? With GameLoop, you can play almost any Android game on your computer. However, other popular games you can play include Call Tax Call, Crush Candy, Clash of Clans, Valor Stadium, Clash Royale, PUBG Mobile and Fire, among the alternatives? The best android emulator for playing games on a Windows computer, has fierce competition. So, if you are looking for an alternative, you should check out Steam, Leapdroid, BlueStacks 3 and Knock APP. Je! Did I download GameLoop? GameLoop is a free and easy-to-use emulator that allows users to play Android games on their Windows devices. Although not ideal for production software, it is one of the best game emulators available on the market. The app allows you to personalize controls, discover games, play online with friends, and watch live streams. So, if you are looking for an emulator to play mobile games on your computer, you should download GameLoop.

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