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Ava 2020

Ava is a dangerous assassin who works for a black operations organization, traveling the world and specializing in high-tech hits. When work went wrong, she had to fight for her own life.
Author Tate Taylor:
Star Matthew Newton:
Jessica Chastain, John Malkovich, General | Incredible and very good at her perilous job, Ava, the only wolf and cold-blooded killer, begins to develop a conscience. After defeating alcoholism and drug addiction with the help of Duke, his late death adviser and the image of his father, the weak Ava increasingly leaves the culprit to find a way to ‘contract’ and render him unnecessary. attract attention by breaking protocol. As a result, Ava rejoined her estranged family after a scrapped attempt to complete a high-profile goal after being absent for eight years, without realizing she had signed a death certificate. Now, as Ava tries to settle her old score and reconnect with her loved ones, every killer in the company follows suit. You! Can Ava trust Duke to support her?

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