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MicrosoftDirectX Free Multimedia APIs are a group of free Application Programming Interface (APIs) for graphics and voice programming. This allows developers, especially game developers, to easily create games with all the features running on Windows. Most users do not even realize that DirectX works – it only works when you need it without telling you. Otherwise, it is quite difficult to communicate and requires a programming tool to control the sound card and graphics. DirectX is a technical tool that helps game developers communicate with sound cards and graphics. Although it can be installed on any computer, most users never need it. It works while playing games with DirectX and everything. You just have to get to know it better if you want to program it yourself. It has one of the fastest operating processes in this category. (Function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); What is DirectX used for? DirectX is a bunch of Windows interfaces. Developers program the DirectX API, which allows their applications – often games – to communicate properly with sound cards and graphics. Instead, manufacturers of sound and graphics cards know DirectX so they know what to do when applications created with DirectX have access to their features. Do you already have DirectX? Because DirectX does not have an interface like other applications (for example, it does not appear in the list of applications), you should check if the application is already installed on your computer. Follow these steps to check: Click Start, click Run, type dxdiag, and then click OK. On the System tab, select the DirectX version that appears in the DirectX version of the DirectX file. After reviewing the file version, click Exit DirectX Installation. If you find that DirectX is not installed on your computer (or a very old version), you will need to download DirectX again to use it. Downloading is simple and as you expect – you download and run .exe as usual. Installation is slow, which is a bit frustrating, and – be careful – the app tries to install Bing during installation. How do you open the DirectX control panel? Because DirectX is not a standard program, you cannot open it normally. Instead, click Start, and then press dxdiag in the box. Your computer asks if you want to start DirectX. The window that opens is a very traditional Windows interface. All the information it provides is for information only – a lot of information about your system, screen settings, features and rendering drivers, audio information and current input devices. You do not communicate with this information – there is an error window and if you program and make a mistake, an error is displayed here. You go back and fix it and the error is gone. Who needs DirectX? You may need DirectX in both cases. If you are playing a game on your computer that requires DirectX to work. You may already have it. If you program things that require access to voice and graphics cards, you may also need DirectX. Keep in mind that DirectX is not the only tool of this type. There are other APIs for interacting with card graphics and many of them more modern. You can compare it with legitimate applications like Runtime. This means that if you play or develop a particular game or game (perhaps older)machine, you may need the most technical tools with some techniques that have been used for several years and are still powerful. The graphics and sound technology work very well (that’s why it’s still relevant, albeit very old), and the interface is very useful, albeit very old. But most of us have never seen it – if you are not programmed, you do not need to open it, because it just goes in the background without you noticing. DirectX is actually not the type of software you want or do not want. If you need it, you need to install it and this is a painless experience. Recent changes The latest version of DirectX improves Windows 10 compatibility and adds Speed ​​Hint (VRS) support. Other latest versions add support for DirectX radiation tracking, depth limit testing and programmable MSAA.

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